Monday, August 17, 2009

My beloved Guru Nanak
Was and will be
A companion of the meek.
My beloved Guru Nanak
Make me poor
So I may enjoy your company.
Blessed is my Guru, the King
There is no one as generous
As kind, as forgiving
As caring, as loving.
O Nanak, you are the most precious gift
to all humanity.
Praise to the Lord who sent you
I am a sacrifice at your feet, O master
Your glory passes beyond all limits
How do I even describe!
O Lord, my tongue is a wretched fool
My mind is not faithful and tries so many tricks
Please forgive me, Guru, please! I am your child!
Without your praise, all I say is false
Without your praise, all I think is false
Please Lord, bless me that my tongue only chants your praise
Please bless me that my mind only stays fixed at your feet!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

O sleep, you must retire some day
So why not do it now?
I await my much loved Lord
And only when you go will He come;
O sleep, please run away and never appear again.
Dear Guru, my Master, help me win my mind
So that it remains tied to your beautiful feet.