Friday, July 30, 2010

O mind, why do you have doubts?
The Word is the Guru;
O Mohan, what a fool I am!
Please make me your perfect disciple
that I may please you - O Lord!
Come, show me your glorious sight, O Lord
Love me, smile at me, entice me O Mohan!
Such a teaser you are, my playful Krsna
Oh your lotus eyes, O Nirankaar jeeo!
Mad, mad I am in your love at times- why can't this be always?
Make me mad, madly mad in your love-
this is the desire of my life, O Guru,
may I forever stick to Your feet.
The best of all meditations,
the purest, the most effective-
is the constant glorification of Your Name
with one-pointed mind.

O Lord, hallowed be Thy Name,
hallowed be Thy Name.

O Lord, just how does this worm beg Your Great Self
for the great gift of lovingly serving You and being conscious of You every moment?