Thursday, January 14, 2010

I do not belong to the world
but to you, Lord.
Yet why do I follow their ways?
Why should I feel ashamed
of doing deeds that are right?
Why should I feel afraid
of saying what is true?
Why should I give in to others?
O Lord, give me the strength
to give in to your command.
They enjoy your worship day and night
I try so hard, Lord
How do I gain that state?
When will you bless me with that state?
Am I very far?
I must be deluded somewhere- the
egoistic being that I am.
Please, my dear Lord, please
Now lead me to your lotus feet.
I am depressed, dear Lord
I have neither served you
nor your beloved saints.
I am so useless, Lord.
What, just what must I do to win your attention?
Please, forgive my sins,
Please, pull me close
Please, bless me with your worship.