Tuesday, June 15, 2010

O Lord of the world
You were born in the beautiful household
of Guru Ramdas;
By whose grace, You became the Guru.
Blessed, blessed was the day, the time!

O Guru Arjun, O angelic One,
O One with a sweet face, O One with the lotus eyes
What great destiny the world had-
To see Your coming.

Blessed, blessed are You, O Lord
You are the Glory of the Formless Lord.
You are the Highest Saint, the Greatest Yogi
the greatest Spiritual Master the world has ever seen.
The whole earth starts dancing in Your presence!

You are the Hero, one truly worthy of honour,
You are the victor, the true winner.
You reached heights by stepping low
You fought hate with love;
Your glory is beyond words.

You are the Lord's very own,
There is no one as worthy as You.
O One who 'died' for our sins,
O One who waters our fires,
What a terrible, burning passing You had to bear;
Even the ones who committed this act on You
would have been forgiven and saved by you-
such is Your love.

O Compassion, O Love
O God, O Humility,
O Teacher of the Holy Name of God
O Teacher of Saints
O Uplifter of Souls
You are the Chosen One,
The Glory of our Lord.

I tell the world today-
I am willing to die to see You just once;
O Great Master,
I fall at your lotus feet-
Make me Your very own.