Thursday, March 4, 2010

Govind, Govind, Govind!
Your cow cries out to you!
O Lord, O Lord, O Lord!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is this me to me,
me to you,
you to you,
or you to me?
The dam holds back the river,
Look! The water has been held up-
the fish are darting in all directions
the strain is building,
the force increasing.
O Lord, when will the blessed release come?
Is the time soon or far away?
O Guru, please forgive this fool;
please quickly open the floodgates
so that the river may rush to where it must-
the ocean.
O Great Being,
O Beloved of the Lord:
Let this fool not have a doubt.
O embodiment of the Lord,
O light of every eye
O breath of breath
O embodiment of the holy Word.

Blessed, blessed is my destiny
that I have seen you, O great Saint.
O Creator of the World,
I forever fall at your feet.
Please save me, please save me!

This egoistic being has tightly clasped your feet, O Gurdev-
Please reveal your feet in my heart.