Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I do all the wrong things-
why do You test me?
Please O Lord
may I never become a manmukh
and turn my back to my Master.
Save me from this wrongdoing;
Forgive my sinful actions,
I am your poor child.
Please make me do things
the way you want me to do-
I was and am powerless-
You are the only doer, O Lord.
Why don't you answer me?
O unshakeable and unmovable Lord!
Yet you fulfil my unconscious wishes!
So many messages, yet no reply?
And why do you smile?
O Guru!
You are truly Krsna!
You are truly Mohan!
O Great Saviour
This is my prayer at your feet-
please have mercy on me!
What is it like
to be madly in love with you?
O Mohan, O Gopal!
The world asks for various pleasures and luxuries-
I beg for this love for you;
Will you not fulfil my desire too?
Fill my heart with tunes of madness
of love for you-
may my whole being engage
in your kirtan
every single moment.
Make me mad, O Lord,
mad in your love.
Will I ever get this great gift?
Is my destiny blessed enough?
Please listen to my cries, O Lord-
I have surrendered myself unto You.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We cannot even measure space-
how can we even think of knowing You?
O how insignificant I am
in Your creation!
So many attempt to reach You;
What can a trivial person like me do?
But I have surrendered my everything to You,
O Guru!
Please make me serve You-
May I never forget your Holy Name.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Understand, O mind,
why should you study?
You are such a slave of the system!
Is that your purpose?

O Lord, my purpose of life is you,
my love of life is you,
then why study and work?
What good is study and work
if it leads me away from you?

I have no power, Lord,
all my efforts have failed.
Free me, Lord, if it pleases you,
to be of your service alone.
Who can reveal the mystery but yourself?
What mystery, what mastery!
Why do you smile?
What can please you?
O my Mystical Master!
Who can even get to know you!
O Guru Nanak
I hold your feet
from far away.
Come to me.
When will the blessed time come?
O Lord!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why do you do this to me, O Lord?
I want you - nothing else.
The materialism is torturing me,
will you not save me, my Master?
The pain is unbearable,
please break my bonds
and attach me to your service.
The world gets what it wants-
so why shouldn't I.
I want you
I want to serve you
O Lord, I am yours.
Please listen to me today,
please forgive my faults
please listen to my prayer,
O Saviour.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In catching the mind
I fell.
In catching the soul
I'm lifted up.