Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The things in life don't matter
as much as the life in things.
The real matter is not matter.
This is the life of the matter
and should be the matter in life.
Who would think what you are
except who knows?
The gaze falling from your eyes
is God's very own intoxicating arrow.
Oh blessed Lord
Oh blessed meeting with a Saint.
I am willing to die all my life,
all for another gaze,
and for the joy it will bring.
O mind, beware the inevitable power of illusion
It has taken you lives away from your Father
and now you can't even find your own root.
The illusion is so powerful
Only the Guru, whose orders it operates under,
 can help conquer it.
Otherwise you have no chance.
O mind, beg for Guru's grace-
the Saving Grace of all.