Sunday, December 26, 2010

Come Master, come
Give food to this hungry dog.
My way of begging is not perfect-
just like a dog-
he only knows how to bark.
But being the Inner Knower of Hearts
You know my yearning.
O Lord, I stand somewhere
where only you can find me.
O Lord, I stand barking,
hungry for Your Name.
Come Master, come
and give me the divine food.
To each Word of your Speech
I humbly offer my obeisances
O Beloved Guru.
To each of Your forms I humbly offer obeisances
O Beautiful One.
O Master of Creation,
please instruct me-
what may I do to obtain You.
O Lord, forgive me,
the most idiotic one-
I do everything wrong.
But I have heard
that your one look can save me.
This poor one
asks for one success in life-
the ability to please You
and obtain Your feet.