Sunday, December 26, 2010

Come Master, come
Give food to this hungry dog.
My way of begging is not perfect-
just like a dog-
he only knows how to bark.
But being the Inner Knower of Hearts
You know my yearning.
O Lord, I stand somewhere
where only you can find me.
O Lord, I stand barking,
hungry for Your Name.
Come Master, come
and give me the divine food.
To each Word of your Speech
I humbly offer my obeisances
O Beloved Guru.
To each of Your forms I humbly offer obeisances
O Beautiful One.
O Master of Creation,
please instruct me-
what may I do to obtain You.
O Lord, forgive me,
the most idiotic one-
I do everything wrong.
But I have heard
that your one look can save me.
This poor one
asks for one success in life-
the ability to please You
and obtain Your feet.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My heart is broken.

O Lord, haven't you heard my prayer?

Now where do I go and complain? Who is my friend?

Would you not console my crying soul?

I carry the burden of a million sins and counting - it is all my fault. I do not have the courage or intellect either - I am the manmukh. In my mind I may believe I am a good devotee - but if my prayers are not heard by You, what use is my thinking and believing? I am the loser devotee, a dog is better than me- at least he obeys and serves his master. A blade of grass is better than me - at least it sways to your Will. What even made me think I was a good devotee?

Now what do I even say?

O Supreme Master
Have my prayers failed?
I know there's not a greater sinner than me-
but being Your child, I am eligible for you mercy, am I not?

I have submitted to You my mind, body and wealth
I wish to sway in the direction of Your Will
What else can I do?
How do I please you?
How do I obtain your attention?
What action would make me the tallest tree?
O Glorious Sun, I wish to bathe in your light!
Forgive me, forgive me-
this is my continuous prayer-
O Forgiver-Guru, forgive me,
how else would I meet you my Lord?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

O Guru Nanak,
O Lord,
I have forsaken all-
dharma, karma, and discipline.
I surrender to your will
and rely on your grace.
Save me, beloved Lord!
I live for you
I live to see your lotus feet
O breaker of bonds, o beloved Master
I live to serve You.
I say from the core of my heart-
I want nothing in the world-
but Your feet.
What colour, what flavour would make this sweet attractive?
O Lord, what would make you look at me with Your glance of grace?
I have been trying - I am tired,
now please guide my soul,
please make me do
what will please You-
I'm such a faithless coward!
I may have a thousand talents-
but all are worldly entanglements
if not used to praise you, O Satguru, my Lord!
All useless unless used to glorify Your Name.
Give me such a talent, my Guru-
a talent that may please You.
Oh how can I please You?
You are said to be Paarbrahm, the Beyond Soul,
You are infinite, the Greatest, Our Holy Father.
O Lord - just what am I! Oh so insignificant!
What could I possibly do to earn your loving grace, O Hari!
Forgive me, Lord, forgive me-
I am such a sinner!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chant, chant, chant, o foolish mind!
why think of others?
He and she, young or old, mother or brother,
the dust is the same,
the air is the same,
and there is this One Glorious Light-
O Lord, why do I not have the courage to face the reality!
It is all you, all you-
why is it hard to convince the mind?!
Please convince this mind, O Lord-
please don't play tricks on poor me, O Lord!
You are so mischevious, O sweetest one
How could I even live without you, you are such an enticer, O Mohan!
I'm so gullible and then who can You not fool?
I sell my mind to you a million times-
Please make me follow you,
I cannot myself;
Everything is in Your hands,
O Doer of all.

Friday, July 30, 2010

O mind, why do you have doubts?
The Word is the Guru;
O Mohan, what a fool I am!
Please make me your perfect disciple
that I may please you - O Lord!
Come, show me your glorious sight, O Lord
Love me, smile at me, entice me O Mohan!
Such a teaser you are, my playful Krsna
Oh your lotus eyes, O Nirankaar jeeo!
Mad, mad I am in your love at times- why can't this be always?
Make me mad, madly mad in your love-
this is the desire of my life, O Guru,
may I forever stick to Your feet.
The best of all meditations,
the purest, the most effective-
is the constant glorification of Your Name
with one-pointed mind.

O Lord, hallowed be Thy Name,
hallowed be Thy Name.

O Lord, just how does this worm beg Your Great Self
for the great gift of lovingly serving You and being conscious of You every moment?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

O Lord of the world
You were born in the beautiful household
of Guru Ramdas;
By whose grace, You became the Guru.
Blessed, blessed was the day, the time!

O Guru Arjun, O angelic One,
O One with a sweet face, O One with the lotus eyes
What great destiny the world had-
To see Your coming.

Blessed, blessed are You, O Lord
You are the Glory of the Formless Lord.
You are the Highest Saint, the Greatest Yogi
the greatest Spiritual Master the world has ever seen.
The whole earth starts dancing in Your presence!

You are the Hero, one truly worthy of honour,
You are the victor, the true winner.
You reached heights by stepping low
You fought hate with love;
Your glory is beyond words.

You are the Lord's very own,
There is no one as worthy as You.
O One who 'died' for our sins,
O One who waters our fires,
What a terrible, burning passing You had to bear;
Even the ones who committed this act on You
would have been forgiven and saved by you-
such is Your love.

O Compassion, O Love
O God, O Humility,
O Teacher of the Holy Name of God
O Teacher of Saints
O Uplifter of Souls
You are the Chosen One,
The Glory of our Lord.

I tell the world today-
I am willing to die to see You just once;
O Great Master,
I fall at your lotus feet-
Make me Your very own.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I do all the wrong things-
why do You test me?
Please O Lord
may I never become a manmukh
and turn my back to my Master.
Save me from this wrongdoing;
Forgive my sinful actions,
I am your poor child.
Please make me do things
the way you want me to do-
I was and am powerless-
You are the only doer, O Lord.
Why don't you answer me?
O unshakeable and unmovable Lord!
Yet you fulfil my unconscious wishes!
So many messages, yet no reply?
And why do you smile?
O Guru!
You are truly Krsna!
You are truly Mohan!
O Great Saviour
This is my prayer at your feet-
please have mercy on me!
What is it like
to be madly in love with you?
O Mohan, O Gopal!
The world asks for various pleasures and luxuries-
I beg for this love for you;
Will you not fulfil my desire too?
Fill my heart with tunes of madness
of love for you-
may my whole being engage
in your kirtan
every single moment.
Make me mad, O Lord,
mad in your love.
Will I ever get this great gift?
Is my destiny blessed enough?
Please listen to my cries, O Lord-
I have surrendered myself unto You.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We cannot even measure space-
how can we even think of knowing You?
O how insignificant I am
in Your creation!
So many attempt to reach You;
What can a trivial person like me do?
But I have surrendered my everything to You,
O Guru!
Please make me serve You-
May I never forget your Holy Name.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Understand, O mind,
why should you study?
You are such a slave of the system!
Is that your purpose?

O Lord, my purpose of life is you,
my love of life is you,
then why study and work?
What good is study and work
if it leads me away from you?

I have no power, Lord,
all my efforts have failed.
Free me, Lord, if it pleases you,
to be of your service alone.
Who can reveal the mystery but yourself?
What mystery, what mastery!
Why do you smile?
What can please you?
O my Mystical Master!
Who can even get to know you!
O Guru Nanak
I hold your feet
from far away.
Come to me.
When will the blessed time come?
O Lord!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why do you do this to me, O Lord?
I want you - nothing else.
The materialism is torturing me,
will you not save me, my Master?
The pain is unbearable,
please break my bonds
and attach me to your service.
The world gets what it wants-
so why shouldn't I.
I want you
I want to serve you
O Lord, I am yours.
Please listen to me today,
please forgive my faults
please listen to my prayer,
O Saviour.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In catching the mind
I fell.
In catching the soul
I'm lifted up.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How do I see
what I see
to see
what I want to see?

Someone lead me beyond dust!

The land that is forever green,
where the blissful tunes never stop,
where sweetness fills every smallest particle
where the pleasure of God's lotus feet lies.
And if there is a plunge I should take,
who shall instill into my mind the courage?
What is the way and what is a sin?
The colours, the forms, the sounds - if they are false,
then what is true?
Remove the veil of dust, O Lord-
O Magnificent Light of the World,
O Glory that is humbly hidden,
O Truth of the Creation,
reveal to me Your Holy Spirit,
if it pleases You.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

O you who listens to me
Who are you?
Are you myself
or yourself?
O you who are always by me,
do you never sleep?
O you who provides me
all I want-
Who are you?
I know you are God
And that you hide
in my heart.
But when will I
reach you?
I know you will
reach me.
And who knows
where I will go?

Monday, April 5, 2010

What is right and
what is wrong?

Your grace is everything, Lord.

I do not deserve your love, Lord,

but who else is mine?
Who else do I beg from?
Please, have mercy on your child.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Govind, Govind, Govind!
Your cow cries out to you!
O Lord, O Lord, O Lord!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is this me to me,
me to you,
you to you,
or you to me?
The dam holds back the river,
Look! The water has been held up-
the fish are darting in all directions
the strain is building,
the force increasing.
O Lord, when will the blessed release come?
Is the time soon or far away?
O Guru, please forgive this fool;
please quickly open the floodgates
so that the river may rush to where it must-
the ocean.
O Great Being,
O Beloved of the Lord:
Let this fool not have a doubt.
O embodiment of the Lord,
O light of every eye
O breath of breath
O embodiment of the holy Word.

Blessed, blessed is my destiny
that I have seen you, O great Saint.
O Creator of the World,
I forever fall at your feet.
Please save me, please save me!

This egoistic being has tightly clasped your feet, O Gurdev-
Please reveal your feet in my heart.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Khuda hun Khud aa
Khud'on rakh na juda
Rabba ab labb aa
Kab Kaaba jaha sab aa
Shaahah ka tu Shaah aa
Kaaha tu kaaha aa?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please prick the donkey,
if the need be,
O Master.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some stay away
for what I am,
Some come close,
for what I am.
The closest ones are far
The farthest ones are close.
For those who stay away
believe I'm fanatic.
For those who come close
believe I follow your way.

O Lord, I cannot see you
I talk to you here and now.
I know you know what I am saying.
Am I really close to you?
Am I really walking in your path?

We are all deluded except a few,
I wonder if I am too.
O Lord, listen to my prayer today,
I wish to please you
and no one else.
Please hold me by my arm, O Father,
and make me realise you.

You are the life of my heartbeat
You have taken care of me
O Lord, I cannot write down enough
of what you have done for me.
I am nothing,
and if I am not, please make me, Father.
Please show me the reality.

I am a beggar.
Wherever you are, O Lord,
I fall at your feet.
Please intoxicate me with love for you
So that I may look for you and find you, O Master.
Players upon players
Layers upon layers
Prayers upon prayers.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I do not belong to the world
but to you, Lord.
Yet why do I follow their ways?
Why should I feel ashamed
of doing deeds that are right?
Why should I feel afraid
of saying what is true?
Why should I give in to others?
O Lord, give me the strength
to give in to your command.
They enjoy your worship day and night
I try so hard, Lord
How do I gain that state?
When will you bless me with that state?
Am I very far?
I must be deluded somewhere- the
egoistic being that I am.
Please, my dear Lord, please
Now lead me to your lotus feet.
I am depressed, dear Lord
I have neither served you
nor your beloved saints.
I am so useless, Lord.
What, just what must I do to win your attention?
Please, forgive my sins,
Please, pull me close
Please, bless me with your worship.