Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Guru, my Love, today I do make a plea.
I have done as you pleased, and it is Your turn now.
Come my Lord, please come to me, it is my profound request
I deeply long for your ambrosial presence
It has been hours, days, weeks and months
Please come my Lord, and bless me with Your presence
O my Guru, my heart is in pain, I want You and forever You...
Please my Lord, come to me, I make this request over and over again...
Once I have met You, my heart will smile, and I will be at peace
But I will, once more put forward another wish!
That I want more of You. O my Lord, stay with me,
Fill my senses with You, I am all Yours my Lord....
I deeply request You to bless me with Your wonderful Presence, my Lord!
Please come to me, my dear Lord God! Please come to me!

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