Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chant, chant, chant, o foolish mind!
why think of others?
He and she, young or old, mother or brother,
the dust is the same,
the air is the same,
and there is this One Glorious Light-
O Lord, why do I not have the courage to face the reality!
It is all you, all you-
why is it hard to convince the mind?!
Please convince this mind, O Lord-
please don't play tricks on poor me, O Lord!
You are so mischevious, O sweetest one
How could I even live without you, you are such an enticer, O Mohan!
I'm so gullible and then who can You not fool?
I sell my mind to you a million times-
Please make me follow you,
I cannot myself;
Everything is in Your hands,
O Doer of all.

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