Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surely and purely it is
but the Holy Name of Lord
that is the Saving Grace of all-
beyond the talk of purity,
perfection, highness and holiness.
The mere touch of which
fills a soul with boundless joy.
I cannot describe an iota of the glory of
The Holy Spirit of the Lord.
Unparalleled Supreme Entity,
the only Truth. The Word.
The Spiritual Master.
Sat Naam
Sat Naam
Sat Naam.

O Gurudev, I the lowly fool,
the one without virtues,
the one who can't follow the Way,
the unworthy one,
for this
Supreme Priceless entity.
I am a hundred times willing to sell you
my mind, body and soul.
Please, beloved Lord,
embrace this poor soul in Your mercy.

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